The Greer Meister Group

Academics at The Greer Meister Group

Our practice offers private, in-home, one-on-one tutoring in a variety of academic subjects.

Early Learning

  • Early Learning Skills
  • Reading: Phonics (including Orton-Gillingham), Decoding, Sight Words, Comprehension
  • Writing: Letter Formation, Sentence Formation, Organization, Progression of Ideas
  • Puzzles, Patterns, and Problem Solving


  • Mathematics
  • English and Language Arts
  • Social Studies and History
  • Sciences: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science
  • Foreign Languages
  • Standardized Test Preparation

Skills and Strategies

  • Organization
  • Study Skills: efficient studying, note taking, setting up an ideal work space
  • Executive Functioning Skills and Memorization
  • Long-Term Project Planning and Execution
  • Understanding teachers’ expectations
  • Time Management: scheduling, prioritizing, identifying “time robbers”
  • Strategies for academic responsibility without parental reminders
  • Navigating changes in academic environment: entering a new school, promotion to a new division or program, completing course work at home while on leave

College Admission:
Essays, Personal Statements & Written Supplements

  • Demystifying the ambiguous process of writing for college applications
  • Recognizing engaging topics, developing distinctive content, and applying strategic storytelling
  • Time management, prioritization, planning, and execution
  • Providing guidance throughout the writing process with actionable feedback

Our tutors are experts in the subjects that they teach, and they are also passionate, well-rounded individuals with diverse interests. We spark excitement in our students by connecting their interests to the subject at hand. Math is everywhere; it isn’t just calculations on a worksheet. Language is everywhere; it isn’t only exercises in a workbook. Science is everywhere; it isn’t just locked up in a lab. Let’s explore together!