The Greer Meister Group

About Caitlin Meister and The Greer Meister Group

Photo of Caitlin Meister Caitlin Meister is the founder and director of The Greer Meister Group, a private educational consulting and tutoring practice with a mission of fostering content mastery, cognitive flexibility, resilience, growth mindset, and academic independence and perseverance. The Greer Meister Group began as a passion project in 2008. Ms. Meister, inspired by her work as an educator in New York City and her own experiences as a student at the Little Red School House, Stuyvesant High School, and Wesleyan University, began to work one-on-one with students. Today, The Greer Meister Group’s team of passionate tutors works with students around the world.

In addition to consulting with private clients, Ms. Meister speaks and writes on a variety of education topics.

Ms. Meister challenges the way we educate our children. Every child deserves to be an explorer, innovator, and flexible thinker.

Each of our tutors is meticulously recruited, screened, and trained to assure the highest quality to the families in our practice. They are Ivy League graduates, published authors, internationally renowned performers, and learning specialists – to name just a few of their credentials.

At The Greer Meister Group, we are dedicated to hiring tutors who can, do, and teach. Contact us to find out how we can help your family meet your educational goals.